“Dr. Shroyer concisely presents applicable strategies and solutions for a complex topic. She covers a wide variety of real-life scenarios relevant to anyone impacted by downsizing.” – Bathild “June” Covington, PhD, Educator and Change Specialist

Managing Layoffs: 24 Tips to Downsize with Dignity¬†should be required reading, not just for the immediate managers, but for the leadership team and the consultants who are too far removed from the people their decisions affect to see the strain it puts on both the employees and the business.” – Kim Justen, Just Write! Communications

“Dr. Shroyer has written a book for every manager. Even when hiring and firing are not part of the manager’s responsibilities, their knowledge of the stages in the process will serve to improve their skill in handling the aspects of downsizing. This book, through relevant stories and examples, shares tips about communication, vision, morale, commitment, productivity, performance and other areas of concern. No matter how humanely and compassionately employees are treated, any layoff is intensely emotional. Dr. Tracy Shroyer has written a guidebook to help you as a manager or employee affected by the dreaded ‘D’ word.” – Jane