10 Random Facts About Me

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  1. I didn’t start wearing make-up on a regular basis until about five years ago. I never thought it was worth the time, until I realized how amazing foundation is, and how much prettier my eyes look with color and mascara!
  2. I have never broken a bone (knock on wood). Although I did sprain my knee while thinking I could swing dance with a friend at her 16th birthday party.
  3. If I could vacation anywhere, I would go to Sitka, Alaska. It is never supposed to get below 35 degrees there and the views are breath-taking.
  4. I used to hunt for my Christmas presents as a kid and didn’t give up this habit until recently (okay, I’m still curious, but don’t devote the energy I used to). Tony even hid a new bicycle for me one year early on in our marriage at his parents because he knew how I was.
  5. There were at least two years in a row that I dressed up as a punk rocker with my good friend, Theresa, when we were younger. We put colored spray in our hair, wore funky clothes, and seriously thought we were the shit. (I’m the one on the back left in the picture below).
  6. I wrote a book of poetry when I was younger (never published). Many of them are so silly, but looking back, I see how good a handful of them really were.
  7. My husband and I got all our deposits back from wedding planning and went and got married on the beach instead. Our families were on opposite ends of the spectrum regarding religion and it wasn’t worth the battle to us to have that traditional wedding.

  8. I used to call myself an anti-vegetarian, but have gotten a lot better over the years (thanks to my personal chef/husband).
  9. 2013 and 2015 were the 2 most difficult years I have faced yet – but I survived them.
  10. The best compliment I ever received as a professor is a guy that emailed me after the end of the semester (and grades were submitted) to let me know how much he learned in my class and appreciated that I was someone with a higher degree that was down-to-earth and didn’t let my education go to my head.