2019: The Year of Connecting

It’s been a couple weeks since I last posted, and WOWZERS, has that time been jam packed! At work we launched instructor-led courses earlier this month and I was in the depths of preparing and facilitating those. Excited that they went smoothly, and lots of great ideas to continue to improve them too!

One of the biggest things that has happened was just yesterday. Last fall, I had signed up for the Central Ohio Association of Talent Development (COATD) and in late December I signed up to be a national member (which I found out now means I’m considered an “ATD power member”). Yesterday was the first event I attended with COATD (and in-person). Years ago, this would have never happened. I was much too shy and even the thought of having someone go with me would cause major anxiety on my part. Something I really want to work on this year is connecting (or you may use that difficult word to say – networking) with others in the training industry. You’ve likely heard that you get more accomplished with a group versus alone. This is so true with the power of knowledge and what can evolve by hearing others’ experiences, likes, and dislikes.

On Tuesday, January 22, despite only getting a couple hours of sleep the night prior (and desperately considering whether to just stay in bed or get up, moving, and to the event), I went to the COATD 2019 kick-off event. There was a great crowd and I got to see and meet people that were like me – passionate about learning and helping others learn! It’s amazing all the feels you get when you are around others that nerd out on the same things as you.

It was great to hear from members of the board, to meet Cara, the chapter president, and hear a great speaker (Coach Mike Clouse). I met a few people and was so curious to learn about where they worked, the size and focus of their teams, systems used, etc. There was a good mix of new and tenured members present, and several that will be at the next event focused on technology, which already has me geeked up because I connected with one of the leads and he sent me past meeting notes! I have found a great place to learn, grow, and find ways to help others in my organization and in my coaching, to enhance their knowledge and skills. Super excited at what this year holds.

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