Are you reactive versus proactive when change occurs? 

Are you afraid the wrong things may be said or done – causing harm versus good?

Are you unsure of what tools are available to help organizations and managers?

As a PhD graduate that has done extensive research on managers’ experiences when faced with change; an employee that has survived organizational change; and someone with people management experience; I help managers that are uncomfortable or uncertain on how to handle change.

I am Dr. Tracy and I believe it IS possible for managers to positively impact change.

When you work with me you…

…are encouraged to stay open-minded. Failing to do so will keep you stuck exactly where you are…continuing to ride the rails of fear and reactivity.

…have access to someone who has knowledge of the impacts of change from both a theoretical and practical perspective.

…receive an enhanced set of tools to be proactive in the face of change and make a positive impact.


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