BTSW Job Search Do’s and Don’ts


Job Search Do’s and Don’ts   

brought to you by Beyond the Stone Wall Coaching

jobsearchimageWhat TO DO…

  • Make sure that there is good information available via a Google search on your name (bad results are not good and no results are not necessarily good either)
  • Be cautious of what you are posting on social media applications such as Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook, Google+, and Instagram
  • Realize that you may find a job opportunity when you least expect it (so be prepared)
  • Keep your résumé and cover letter as up-to-date as possible so there is less work once you find a position you’re interested in applying
  • Look at skills of interest in the position posting and prepare examples of when you have exhibited behaviors related to those skills
  • Realize that skills are transferable. If you are posting for a job in a different industry, sell how your skills can transfer despite a change in what product or service is being provided
  • Ask prior managers, co-workers, volunteer leaders, etc. if they will serve as references for you to list on a job application
  • Conduct informational interviews – consider doing these even before a position becomes open as it may elevate your chances once an opportunity becomes available
  • Do a mock interview run through with someone prior to the interview day
  • Take time to review your résumé and cover letter, ensuring that they fit the job you are posting. You will not necessarily use the same standard résumé for every job posting.
  • Research the organization and/or team you are applying for a position
  • Consider what you would do in your first 30, 60, 90 days in the position – develop a skeleton outline of tasks that you might initiate. Check out my blog post about 30 60 90 Day Plans.



  • Include a photo of yourself on your résumé
  • Trash talk prior company or managers in your interview
  • Dress inappropriately
  • Include hobbies that would not apply to the job or skills needed for the job in which you are posting
  • Dress sloppy for an interview
  • Chew gum, take your cell phone into, or fidget during an interview
  • Post for any job – make sure the jobs you are posting for are those that you are qualified, or near qualified
  • Interrupt the interviewer(s)
  • Go into an interview unprepared
  • Forget to shower the morning of your interview – or after a workout, if your interview is in the afternoon!
  • Burn bridges – you never know who may be your next manager or co-worker


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