How’s the book writing going?

It’s been a couple weeks since my last post and thought I would provide an update on my writing journey. The book writing is going EXTREMELY well! Thanks to Kat Hoyer, and through my reading of Patrick Lencioni’s books, I developed a change in format from my initial book draft and the writing is flowing at a much better pace now. Friday is my next big writing day — a full day off work to focus on more progress on the book!

The book is focused on the stories of the personal and professional experiences of downsizing managers, including tips and best practices, and reflection opportunities. There are currently eight chapters in progress, and I expect there will be at least 2-3 more chapters once these eight are more solid. The current chapters cover eight themes related to downsizing managers’ experiences. Seven of these themes are from the literature related to downsizing, and the eighth theme is one that I uncovered through my dissertation research.

Here is a small sneak from one of the chapters of my book – initial, raw writing at this point. It is not the complete story, just the first paragraph — why would I share an entire story? You’ll have to buy the book when it’s ready. Teaser time!

Wayne’s Story

It was 3:00am and Wayne was wide awake again thinking about ways in which the organization he worked for could further reduce expenses. Wayne was a VP at Damon Manufacturing responsible for the production floor, which included several specialized machinists. The company’s second highest contract was expiring at the end of the year and had recently decided not to renew, as Damon Manufacturing was unable to provide the lowest bid. Competition in the industry was getting cut throat and it was not hard to believe another much larger manufacturing company could come in at a lower price. Damon was now in trouble, and there were only 10 months left to figure out what was next.
I am interested to hear your thoughts and if it peaks your interest to read more…