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Happy New Year! If you have been to my website in the past you will notice that, today, it looks absolutely NOTHING like it did before. No worries, that’s a GOOD thing! If you have never been to my website, welcome!

With the refresh of the new year, I decided to do a complete overhaul of my site and focus it on my biggest passion in life: LEARNING. Whether it is in my personal or professional life, as a student, an employee, a leader, a friend, or a connection from years ago, I realize how critical it is to soak up information and gain knowledge wherever possible in LIFE. Through my blog on this site, I will look to share what I have learned and what I am learning – watch out, this will include what I learn from many of you!

When is the last time you took time – whether a few minutes, an hour, possibly a few hours, to read an article or a book, to learn more about someone, to get curious, or to gain a new SKILL?

Sad, but true, learning and development, whether personally or professionally, typically gets put on the back burner when it comes to prioritization. Many people see it as a “nice to have” and not as an amazing, EYE-OPENING TOOL to prepare us to take advantage of opportunities ahead.

How many times have you decided to learn something at the exact moment, or a few minutes before, you needed it? As a society, we have become reactive beings. Can you imagine what the possibilities might be if we are more PROACTIVE, and look at learning as a way in which to get ahead of the game?

Let’s get started in this learning journey together…

What is something you learned within the last week?

Remember, it can be from something SMALL like finding a new app on your phone or finding out about a new great product or service available in your area. Or it can be something BIG, like enrolling in a degree or certification program, or attending a workshop. It could be something in between, as well. Help others that read this hear what you learned this past week, so they can get curious and explore!


  1. Tony says:

    In the past week I learned in my Filipino martial arts (kali) training that real world situations are much different than technique and fundamentals.

  2. Carol Jean says:

    My biggest bit of learning (perhaps more of a slow realization finally come to a head) is that I am more than I am allowing myself to be. Henceforth, all efforts will be spent attempting to align my life to my ability. 🙂

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