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Minimizing Distractions

What are some tips and best practices you use to get focused time at work, free of distraction, so you can achieve results?

Here are a few that help me getting super focused:

  • Block time on my calendar for a specific task – I’ll name it ‘Action Items’ and then put details of my to do list within the body of the appointment. There are times that I put this as busy, whereas other times, it’s marked as a tentative appointment.
  • By blocking my calendar, it automatically shows my instant messenger as in a meeting. If it’s something I absolutely need to get done and time is tight, I’ll change my instant messenger status to ‘Do Not Disturb’ but I try not to use that frequently.
  • I’ve been known to step away to think through the strategy for something, which freed up the distractions that brings.
  • Leave phone in my desk or purse when I go to a meeting so it is not a potential distraction.
  • Work in a separate space from my cubicle (only in dire times in my case) to prevent in person distractions.
  • Gotten comfortable saying “I need to focus on this,” or “I have a deadline coming up. Could we talk later?”

Source: https://www.payscale.com/career-news/wp-content/uploads/sites/2/2014/09/officedistractions.png