Hi there! I'm Tracy Shroyer, PhD.

I am a woman of many talents, with experience as a corporate employee, an adjunct faculty member, and an entrepreneur. Time management, organization, and building relationships are three skills that have supported me in building a life I love.

I know what it’s like to have a deep desire to continually learn and evolve. When I was younger, I always said my dream job was to be a high school teacher when I grew up.

As I got older and more accomplished in my role with Discover, that dream shifted from becoming a high school teacher to becoming a college professor. For the past 7 years, and in addition to my 26+ year career with Discover, I have had the opportunity to work with students in a formal academic setting as a college professor.

When you read about me serving hard time (on purpose) in college, you probably shook your head and thoughts, “This gal is out of her mind!” I realized throughout my journey that the formal academic track is not for everyone (and that’s okay)! Whether you have taken some college courses, or it wasn’t really even a consideration for you, there is a reason you resonate with me, and are reading my story now. You have a certain curiosity about you. Hello, my friend!

Despite my 17 years of college courses and the diplomas on my wall, I realize the potential and need to continually upskill from a personal and professional perspective. What was missing for me is that structure and community that the academic setting provided for me all those years.

I promised after 4 college degrees that I wouldn’t go back, no matter how tempting (yes, call me crazy again, it’s okay). Instead of going back to school, I realized I could help others that desire to upskill themselves personally and professionally.

I am excited to be able to connect curious minds with resources to learn and grow in all the roles I now hold! 

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