My Breast Cancer Journey

On December 26, 2019, at the age of 42, I had my first mammogram.

A little over a week later I found myself getting the phone call that no one wants –“You have cancer.”

In 2020, I had 3 surgeries, which included a double mastectomy, reconstruction, and a full hysterectomy with ovaries and tubes. In addition, I started preventative measures through 4 months of Lupron shots (prior to my hysterectomy), and started Anastrazole, a hormone blocking medication (because my cancer was using hormones to grow). Anastrazole causes terrible joint pain and the need for bone density testing every couple of years. I am grateful to be alive and doing so much better than I could have ever expected. 

3rd Annual "Support the Girls" Donation Drive

From October through December, I will be hosting the 3rd Annual “Support the Girls” Donation Drive. 

For this year’s drive, we will be collecting 

  • gently used sports bras,
  • gently used bras,
  • new packs of underwear,
  • boxes of tampons (must be individually wrapped), and
  • boxes/packages of menstrual pads (must be individually wrapped). 
While you are welcome to reach out to me directly for my mailing address, there is a NEW OPTION for donations this year! If you prefer to select items from an Amazon wish list and have the items shipped directly to me, please click here.

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