In this courses, you will learn the importance of having a resume, why your resume needs to articulate your abilities and experience, and how to format information within the sections of your resume. This course does not include a technical walk-through to create a resume, but resume templates (within Microsoft Word) are provided.

Course Objectives: 

  • Understand resume formatting options and standard sections to include
  • Translate your skills, abilities, and experiences into resume content
  • Realize what the resume does and does not say about you as a job candidate

In this course, you will gain insight and support to create (or enhance) your LinkedIn profile, and to also navigate more efficiently within the platform. 

This course is provided across a 5-day period, with e-mail reminders sent to access the new information each day. Your LinkedIn Profile Checklist is also included as a download. 

Course Objectives:

  • Receive insights on the value of LinkedIn.
  • Understand how to navigate within the platform.
  • Learn how to create, or enhance, your profile.
  • Recognize the available privacy and settings.
  • View functionality available to business owners.