Hello – I am Dr. Tracy Shroyer and I am addicted to learning!

I have been called Smarty Pants for many years and now I am owning it. Through my website, social media, and in attending virtual and in-person events, I intend to share my learnings with you AND learn from you!

I am a leadership junkie, learning and development nerd, a Manager for a Fortune 500 company, and have 6+ years of experience as a university/college professor. With gratefulness to God, I am also a breast cancer survivor!

My primary areas of interest are organization and time management, organizational change, learning strategy, learning technology, leadership, and professional and personal development.

To bring my strengths of organization and skill building to others, I officially launched Upskill University in March of 2021. If you would like to upskill yourself personally and/or professionally, visit www.upskilluniversity.com/hub to learn more!

My dissertation research, published in January of 2013, focused on the personal and professional experiences of downsizing managers faced with decision making, implementation, and managing in the aftermath.

In addition, I published my first book – Managing Layoffs: 24 Tips to Downsize with Dignity in November of 2017.

My formal education includes:

  • PhD in Organization and Management (specializing in Leadership)
  • Master of Science, Organizational Psychology
  • Master of Business Administration
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