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Personas – Created for use in identifying appropriate level of information and format to deliver training materials to certain segments of employees within the organization (snapshot provided here).

Infographic – Developed a one-page infographic focused on employee engagement as part of one of my courses in my Master of Science in Industrial-Organizational Psychology program. 

Learning Portal – Created these SharePoint sites from scratch for learning programs within a for-profit organization.


Central Ohio Association for Talent Development (COATD) – Created a flyer to help advertise sponsorship opportunities to small and medium size businesses in upcoming event programs.

Telephone Etiquette Quiz – Developed a short (and fun) quiz for an organization to identify skill set of existing employees when it came to telephone etiquette. This is similar to the quick and easy quizzes you may see in magazines.

College Test Prep – Leveraged the college’s test bank of questions to develop playing cards for mid-term and end of term in-class study sessions. These playing cards were used with the board games Trouble, Sorry, and Chutes & Ladders. Another student would select a card and ask the student (whose turn it was) a question. If the student got the answer correct, they proceeded to roll the dice, spin the wheel, etc. (depending on the board game) and make their move. If the question was answered incorrectly, the student would lose their turn.