From speaking engagements:

“[Dr. Tracy] is real, transparent, uplifting, inspiring, and unique, [and has the] capability to guide others as they work to achieve their goals with her positive influence on others, which in turn helps them gain self-confidence.” – Speaking Engagement contact, Dr. June Covington

“[Dr. Tracy] calls herself a coach and a consultant, but she left out the part about being a great champion.” Gail Foley from the One Awesome Community Podcast,

From career coaching:

“Tracy’s knowledge was very helpful in all aspects of the job hunting process.  She gave us tips on how to organize the whole resume.  She was very helpful to me as I had more than 10 years of work experience and how to format this information onto a one-page resume.  Tracy evaluated finished product and made necessary changes that would allow the resume to flow.  She brought her expertise in helping us to decide which websites to use to display your resume and how.  She emphasized the importance of using Linked-In as a possible way to network and get the information out to those who could be of assistance in the job search.  In addition, Tracy held mock interviews where we as a group could identify areas of strength and weaknesses in the interview process.  Thank you, Tracy.”
— Rae Williams, Individual Resume Review participant and Workshop Participant

Having Tracy’s help with resume writing was a blessing!  Tracy helped translate my experience and education into desirable skill sets aimed at presenting myself as a qualified candidate for the next level job I’ve been working so hard to become ready for.  Tracy was patient and understanding in her coaching – she not only created an awesome resume for me, but also provided the confidence boost I needed to push myself towards the transition after being so long removed from the applicant pool!  I am extremely grateful for her insight and assistance!”
— C.J. Brady, Individual Resume Review participant

“I was able to get several questions about my resume answered through Dr. Shroyer. I appreciated how she was able to pull from many years of experience as she directed me.”  – Anonymous, Individual Resume Review participant

“The facilitator was open to questions and remembered individuals’ needs.” – Resume Writing Workshop participant

“Reviewing the job search engines and sitting as smaller groups to explore them was beneficial.” – Job Search Workshop participant

“The practice rounds were very helpful.” – Interviewing Workshop participant

“Appreciated the interactivity with peers I trust for accurate feedback.” – Interviewing Workshop participant

From university students:

“She is engaged, helpful, supportive, and very transparent about what was expected of us. So amazing! Best professor I’ve had so far.”

“Dr. Shroyer was extremely approachable. She brought the subject matter to us in a personable way and made it easy to understand. She answered all questions immediately and came to us with the perspective that she understood what we were going through. He passion and compassion helped me achieve my goals.”

“I was nervous coming into this class but Dr. Shroyer’s information, communication skills, and knowledge put me at ease. I really enjoyed this class and the experience I gained from it. I would love to have her as my professor for all of my classes!”

“I liked how she was very open and communicated clearly her expectations for the course. Dr. Shroyer took the time to provide videos explaining
what was required for each week, as well as giving advice on how to get each assignment completed.”