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RISE Professionally
Learning Subscription

Rock Your Resume

a self-study course to create
or enhance YOUR resume

Covers the importance of having a resume, formatting, sections to include (or not include) in your resume, and examples
and templates. 

Leveraging LinkedIn

Your LinkedIn Profile Checklist

Just wanting the Your LinkedIn Profile Checklist
This 2-page checklist provides tips and recommendations
to create and/or enhance your LinkedIn profile.

Leveraging LinkedIn Masterclass with Dr. Tracy

Get the Leveraging LinkedIn Masterclass with Dr. Tracy. This is a 5-day self-study course that is provided to you via daily e-mails. Includes a Your LinkedIn Profile Checklist too!

Managing Layoffs

While there are numerous articles, blogs, books, and resources for laid off employees, the availability of such material or resources when it comes to managing layoffs from a leadership perspective are few and far between. This book begins to fill the existing gap, and provides insight into a manager’s involvement with layoffs through stories based on evidence I obtained from the experiences of past research participants. I then took my research and applied it to fictional situations to provide you with an enhanced comprehension of the provided management tips. It embraces all levels of management, from front-line managers up through the senior executive ranks, regardless of industry.

Audio Version of the Book

Paperback Book


Through the Lens of Learning

Dr. Tracy shares her curiosity for learning by revealing what she’s uncovered in her own journey and talking with other amazing individuals with so much knowledge to share!

Through the Lens of Learning - Special Edition

Listen in as Dr. Tracy takes you on her journey to build her side hustle with a BIG goal to pay off over $260k in student loans! Hear the good, the bad, and the ugly of the process.

Speaking Engagements

Dr. Tracy Shroyer is a lifelong learner in every sense of the word! She is a corporate leader in the Learning & Development space, an entrepreneur, and a graduate school professor. 

As an entrepreneur, she works with midlevel professionals interested in personal growth and professional development by leveraging a combination of courses and coaching. 

Tracy is also an author, a podcaster, a wife, dog mom, a mental health ally, and a breast cancer survivor.

Here are just a few topics she has the ability to speak to your audience about: 

  • Time management & stress management
  • Career agility
  • Work/life balance
  • Professional development and upskilling
Typically speaks 1-2 times per month for free

Speaking fees start at $997