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Get your FREE copy of Unleashing Your Inner Superstar: A Mid-Level Professional's Guide to Stand Out and Slay.


“The best way out is always through.”  – Robert Frost

Little did Tracy realize the challenges she would face throughout her life – bankruptcy, climbing the corporate jungle gym, career rejection, becoming a mental health ally, and surviving breast cancer, to name a handful.

Her “through” manifested itself in the form of a curious mindset, and she dove into her passion for learning amidst everything going on in and around her.

This approach has meant everything to the person she is today.

Now, she helps mid-level professionals strengthen their professional brand and interpersonal skills by listening and evaluating their needs and wants to carefully match them with the right tools and resources.

Dr. Tracy found that most mid-level professionals feel stuck on what skills and how to improve them for this stage of their career, and  even more confused when it comes to strengthening their  professional brand. 

Get your FREE copy of Unleashing Your Inner Superstar: A Mid-Level Professional's Guide to Stand Out and Slay.



Dr. Tracy has supported individuals with a variety of support over the last 25+ years, including groups, workshops, courses, 1on1 consults, and speaking engagements. These range from topics such as career development, accountability, project management, organization, and technical support for entrepreneurs.

There are several ways to interact with like-minded professionals, including Dr. Tracy. Here are a couple…

Navigating the Corporate Jungle Gym
is a FREE community empowering mid-level professionals in their quest for career  empowerment and learning. Access valuable resources, expert-led webinars, and skill-enhancement workshops. Connect, collaborate, and thrive with like-minded individuals who understand your challenges. You can access this community on FaceBook and LinkedIn. 

Your Career Services 

Whether you’re seeking constructive feedback on your resume, need a polished resume and cover letter, or crave one-on-one career counseling, you’ve come to the right place! 

Together, we’ll craft a tailored strategy to help you thrive in your chosen field. Empower yourself to seize exciting opportunities and take the next stride towards a fulfilling future. Your success story starts here – let’s create it together!


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Join Dr. Tracy as she gets curious about
the learning journeys of others (and shares her own)
on the Through the Lens of Learning podcast.


Season 1, Episode 3:
Talking with
Cara North

Season 1, Episode 7:
Surviving Depression
with Joanne Morley

Season 3, Episode 1:
PRIME Pageants CEO,
Kristen Ayers


“Dr. Tracy Shroyer is real, transparent, uplifting, inspiring, and unique, [and has the] capability to guide others as they work to achieve their goals with her positive influence on others, which in turn helps them gain self-confidence.” – Dr. June Covington, hosted Dr. Tracy as a speaker at Shasta College and Chico State

“Tracy was patient and understanding in her coaching – she not only created an awesome resume for me, but also provided the confidence boost I needed to push myself towards the transition after being so long removed from the applicant pool!”
– C.J. Brady Career Client

“I couldn’t believe how she was able to tie it all together. It was so good, so productive, and such a good use of my time. I’m still blown away.” – Kat Hoyer, GSD Challenge Participant

“Dr. Tracy took the time to learn about my project and what my goals were.  She provided me with organization tips, encouragement, and time management strategies. The time and knowledge that Dr. Tracy poured into her attendees was priceless and I am forever grateful.  I’ve attended a few of her courses and highly recommend the services she provides.” – Amy Webb, Writing Accountability Group Participant

Get your FREE copy of Unleashing Your Inner Superstar: A Mid-Level Professional's Guide to Stand Out and Slay.

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